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    LIFESTYLE Rx evi dence based recommendations Medical conditions ADHD Age-related macular degeneration Alzheimer's disease Anxiety Asthma Atopic dermatitis Benign prostatic hyperplasia Breast cancer CFS/ME Carpal tunnel syndrome Cataracts Celiac disease Chronic kidney disease Cirrhosis Colorectal cancer Constipation Coronary heart disease Coronary heart disease, prevention COVID-19 Depression Diabetes type 2 Diabetes type 2 complications Diverticular disease Dyslipidemia Endometriosis Epilepsy Erectile dysfunction Fibromyalgia Gastritis and peptic ulcer GERD / reflux disease Glaucoma Gout Heart failure Hypertension Inflammatory bowel disease Insomnia / sleep difficulties Intercostal myalgia Irritable bowel syndrome Leg cramps Menopause Migraine Multiple sclerosis Obesity Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Parkinson's disease Psoriasis Restless legs Rheumatoid arthritis Sicca syndrome Sleep apnea Stroke Systemic lupus erythematosus The information on these pages is not intended as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before making major lifestyle changes. This is especially true if you have underlying illnesses


    LIFESTYLE MEDICINE Effect on many diseases A) A narrowed coronary artery B) The same coronary artery after 32 months of dietary treatment Ref.: Esselstyn Jr, Caldwell B., et al. "A way to reverse CAD?" Journal of Family Practice 63.7 (2014):356-364 . Bill Clinton on lifestyle change BUY Lifestyle Medicine, Egger et al ​ Easy-to-read introduction to lifestyle medicine for doctors and other clinicians. The book has useful summaries at the end of each chapter, as well as tables, forms and other visual aids, which are useful in everyday clinical practice. The book was part of the syllabus in my education in lifestyle medicine ​ Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, Livsstilspraksis earns on qualified purchases, at no additional cost to you. Resources for health professionals CLICK HERE Example of lifestyle medicine in practice - St. Luke's Lifestyle Medicine Lifestyle medicine focuses on treating the underlying lifestyle-related causes or contributing factors of diseases. ​ Lifestyle medicine is the use of evidence based lifestyle therapeutic approaches including a whole food plant based eating pattern regular physical activity restorative sleep stress management avoidance of risky substances positive social connection as a primary therapeutic modality, delivered by clinicians trained and certified in this speciality, to prevent, treat and often reverse chronic disease. ​ Lifestyle medicine has s pecially good effect when treating lifestyle-related health challenges such as obesity, diabetes type 2, coronary heart di sease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Already after a couple of weeks, it is often possible to see significant improvements in, among other things, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Over time, lifestyle changes can produce dramatic health improvements, such as reversing type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. ​ Lifestyle changes may also have positive effects on a number of conditions in many different organ systems. ​ In consultation with a lifestyle doctor, you will experience that the doctor makes use of conversational techniques such as motivational interviewing, strengthens motivation and builds confidence in coping with change. The lifestyle doctor is a collaborative partner who wants to help you achieve your health goals. ​ Some differences between lifestyle medicine (LM) and regular medical practice (VP): ​ THE DOCTOR VP: Treats the patient LM: Helps the patient to help himself ​ VP: Treats individual risk factors LM: Treats lifestyle-related causes ​ VP: Authority. Have the answers LM: Partner. Finding the answers together with the patient ​ VP: "Wrestling" with the patient LM: "Dancing" with the patient THE PATIENT VP: Often a passive recipient, not expected to make major changes LM: Actively involved in treatment, experiencing greater mastery and control over health ​ MEDICINES VP: Medicines often form the main treatment LM: Medication may be necessary, but as an adjunct to lifestyle treatment ​

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    ALLAN FJELMBERG Graduated from medical school in 2007. He has a background as a general practitioner and has worked at the Skogli Health and Rehabilitation Center in Lillehammer since 2012. In addition, he has for periods worked as a supervising doctor at the Fredheim Lifestyle Centre. ​ Master in public health and lifestyle medicine ​ He also completed a master degree in public health and lifestyle medicine from Loma Linda University, California. ​​ Loma Linda University is one of the drivers of education in lifestyle medicine due to its extensive research on the connection between lifestyle and health. Loma Linda is one of the five "blue zones" areas in the world where life expectancy is traditionally higher than elsewhere and has a lower levels of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and other lifestyle diseases. ​ Certification in lifestyle medicine ​ As of 2017, doctors have the opportunity to further their education in lifestyle medicine through the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. Allan became the first Norwegian doctor certified in lifestyle medicine in November 2017. ​ ​ Through consultations, lectures, articles and other public health-related activities, he motivates people to utilize the potential that a healthy lifestyle has both in the prevention, treatment and, in some cases, the reversal of chronic diseases. ​ Presentations 2023 ​ 28. January The Word became flesh - spiritual lessons from nature , Lillehammer adventist church ​ 1. February Musikalsk helsekåseri , Skogli Helse- og Rehabilite ringssenter, Lillehammer ​ 22. February Music for reflection - piano , Skogli Helse- og Rehabiliteringssenter ​ 22. March Lifestyle and brain health , Friskere liv-serien, Mjøndalen adventist church ​ 29. March Musikalsk helsekåseri, Skogli Hels e- og Rehabiliteringssenter ​ ​ 15.-16. April Presentations , Hardanger ​ 26. April Lifestyle and brain health , Tynset senior association ​ 29.-31. May Health lecture , Fredheim Lifestyle Center, Kongsberg ​ August Health lecture , Trondheim ​ 26. October Health lecture , Seniordagen, Townhall Øvre Eiker kommune ​ ​ ​ MUSIKK TIL REFLEKSJON OG STRESSREDUKSJON Salmer og folketoner, med det langsomme, jevne tempoet og enkle melodi egner seg til å roe kropp og sinn. Samtidig gir tekstene en følelse av fred og trøst. I tillegg kan lyden av piano være beroliggende i seg selv og kan skjerpe fokus og redusere distraksjon. ​ Ta kontakt for pianomusikk til ettertanke


    Appointment booking - Lifestyle physician We offer ​ Individual assessment, guidance and follow-up with regard to improving your lifestyle in relation to your diagnosis and clarified state of health (currently only video consultation due to the corona situation) Referral if needed to one of Skogli's psychologists, physiotherapists or our clinical nutritionist (currently not available due to the corona situation) Group activities: Teaching / lectures on lifestyle-related topics (currently not available) ​ We do not offer ​ We only offer assessment and guidance for clarified conditions and diagnoses, and not symptom diagnoses such as e.g. headache, stomachache, dizziness, etc. Prescribing prescriptions, sick notes or other general medical services. However, we will be able to adjust the dose of relevant medicines where this is applicable. ​ Who benefits from lifestyle medicine? ​ 1. If you have a lifestyle-related health challenge , such as: obesity high blood pressure high cholesterol coronary heart disease type 2 diabetes metabolic syndrome ​...and want information and guidance on how to use lifestyle to treat and maybe even reverse the condition. ​ 2. Many diseases which are not directly lifestyle-related can often be influenced in a positive direction through adapted lifestyle changes, for example: depression mild cognitive impairment a number of stomach and intestinal diseases certain hormonal problems some neurological disorders pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and arthritis. ​ ​3. You want help to improve your lifestyle . help to quit smoking improve sleep get a healthier diet become more physically active / get an adapted training programme stress management mental health principles, ​ ​ ​ ​Consultation with a lifestyle doctor ​ With a lifestyle doctor, you will receive information, individual guidance and follow-up with regard to how you can use lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity, stress management, sleep, mental health principles, etc. in managing and treating your specific health condition . The first consultation usually lasts around 45 minutes and consists of three parts: ​ The doctor will first assess your general health, current diagnosis, and lifestyle, including lifestyle-related "vital signs" such as activity level, diet, sleep, tobacco, alcohol, stress, mental and social health, height and weight. The doctor will then give you a brief overview of relevant lifestyle-related research on your current illness/diagnosis. Based on this knowledge and your own starting point including lifestyle, coping beliefs and motivation to change, the doctor will work with you to draw up an individually adapted plan that includes: prescription of specific lifestyle changes guidance in implementing the changes assessment of the need for follow-up ​ Lifestyle changes often take time to incorporate, especially when more extensive changes are recommended. If necessary, you will therefore have the opportunity to be followed up over time through follow-up class(es). ​ ​ Appointment booking 1) Call +47 91 84 76 34 2) Alternatively, send a message in the form at the bottom of the page (avoid personal/sensitive information) ​ Consultation (attendance or phone/video) - normal (45 min): 85 USD It is recommended to choose this consultation if you book an appointment for the first time or book an appointment for a new diagnosis (currently only video consultation) ​ Consultation (attendance or phone/video) - card / check (20 min): 40 USD For follow up consultations (currently only video consultation) - can also be used if you have short lifestyle-related questions about your diagnosis . ​

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    Lifestyle medicine - introductory video from ACLM ACLM Campaign Presentation Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Education & resources Courses and education ​ Certification in lifestyle medicine - International Board of Lifestyle Medicine ​ Online courses and other resources - American College of Lifestyle Medicine ​ ​ Practical resources ​ Resources for clinical work - Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Harvard ​ American College of Lifestyle Medicine ​ Change tools: Motivational interview - The Directorate of Health ​ ​ Documentation ​ ​Evidence - American College of Lifestyle Medicine ​ NutritionMD - PCRM ​ ​ Books and journals ​ American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine ​ Egger, Garry, et al., eds.Lifestyle medicine: Lifestyle, the environment and preventive medicine in health and disease . Academic Press, 2017. Rippe, James M.Lifestyle medicine . CRC Press, 2013. ​ ​ Conferences ​Lifestyle Medicine 2023 29. October - 1. November 2023, Denver, Colorado, USA ​ ​Harvard Medical School: Lifestyle Medicine - tools for change 9.-10. June 2023, Boston (MA), US

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    Lifestyle Store Nutrition - Sleep - Mental health - Exercise - Stress Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate Livsstilspraksis earns from qualifying purchases Kosttilskudd Her finner du et håndplukket utvalg av kosttilskudd Magiske ørkner Marokko 4/11–5/12 $600 Eksotiske byer Brasil 4/11–5/12 $600 Vakre fjell Skottland 4/11–5/12 $600 Treningsutstyr Mangler du utstyr til å holde deg fysisk aktiv? Nedenfor finner du utstyr til å opprettholde et aktivt liv Treningsmatte Exercise Mat NBR Black Med tykk polstring 599 kr KJØP Eksotiske byer Brasil 4/11–5/12 $600 KJØP Vakre fjell Skottland 4/11–5/12 $600 KJØP Klær for en aktiv livsstil Kl

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    Rx Lifestyle MD - better health with effective lifestyle prescriptions Lifestyle Treatment Allan Fjelmberg MD MPH DipIBLM Medical doctor certified in lifestyle medicine Lifestyle medicine Lifestyle medicine is the cornerstone of disease treatment. Many diseases and health challenges can be treated with effective lifestyle changes. READ MORE Book an appointment READ MORE LATEST BLOG POSTS Lifestyle treatment of Diabetes type 2 and obesity Motivational interviewing for Diabetes type 2 How family meals can be protective in preventing high-risk behaviors among adolescents SERVICES CONSULTATION assessment, guidance and follow-up BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Contact

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    RESOURCES Tests - get to know yourself and your lifestyle through the tests below BMI CALCULATOR BMI ≤ 16: underweight grade 3 BMI ≤ 17: underweight grade 2 BMI ≤ 18.5: underweight grade 1 BMI 18.5-25: normal weight BMI ≥ 25: overweight BMI ≥ 30: obesity BMI ≥ 35: severe obesity BMI ≥ 40: very severe obesity DAILY CALORIE REQUIREMENT DEPRESSION & MENTAL HEALHTH ISSUES The website contains a number of tests for addiction, ADHD, aggression, anxiety, autism, bipolar, depression, eating disorders, OCD, personality and stress. Please note, these assessments are not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Consult a mental health professional for proper evaluation and treatment. ​ Below you will find the PHQ-9 depression test (Patie nt Health Question naire-9). It is a validated screening tool used to evaluate the severity of depression. It consists of nine questions that aim to identify common symptoms of depression such as loss of interest, loss of energy, sleep problems, change in appetite and feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness. For english version click here . ​ Disclaimer: These assessments are not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Consult a mental health professional for proper evaluation and treatment. If you want well-documented lifestyle advice against depression, see our lifestyle medicine handbook on depression SLEEP The Insomnia severity Index is a questionnaire used to assess the severity of insomnia in individuals PHYSICAL ACTIVITY The fitness calculator - NTNU ​ Max heart rate calculator - NTNU TOBACCO Test to determine degree of nicotine addiction OTHER TESTS Test to assess how well you tolerate stress ​ ​ ​Test to assess self-control ​ ​ Test to assess your ability to forgive yourself and others ​ "True happiness test " - BlueZones ​ "True vitality test " (health age) - BlueZones ​ Test to assess the risk of dementia / Alzheimer's Plant-based recipes - I grew up with a plant-based diet and share here some of my mother's recipes Dinner dishes ​ Soy stew with cabbage ​ Walnut roast ​ Soy macaroni pudding ​ Vegetarian meatballs ​ Beetroot soup ​ Red lentil soup ​ Tacos, salsa and tartar ​ Onion pie ​ Tofu baked fish ​ Walnut burger with buckwheat ​ Falafel and tahini dressing ​ ​ Spreads ​ Bean paste ​ Dill cheese ​ Apricot spread ​ ​ ​

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