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Sicca syndrome

Lifestyle modifications


  • Potential benefit of flaxseed oil or other sources of omega 3 fatty acids for disease related dryness or arthritis (1)

  • Avoid oral desiccants and irritants such as coffee and alcohol (1)

  • Regular sips of water (1)

  • Maintain a neutral oral pH to preserve dental health. Thus, avoid sipping acidic beverages particularly between meals, such as cola drinks (pH 2.6), coffee (pH 5.0), tea (herbal) (pH 3.2), tea (black) (pH 5.7 to 7.0) and energy drinks. Tap water has a neutral pH of 7, but flavored water may be acidic (1)


  • Smoking and recreational/medicinal use of cannabis may increase the dryness of mouth and eyes (1)


  • Avoid low humidity environments. Use of a humidifier at home may be worth considering (1)



Evidence Pyramid


Evidence based on guidelines and evidence based Clinical Decision Systems is written in BOLD

Evidence based on meta analysis or systematic reviews is written in BOLD and CURSIVE

Evidence based on randomized controlled trials is written in plain font

Evidence based on observational / cohort studies is written in CURSIVE

Figure: Evidence pyramid

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